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FREE Intro to Ayurveda
with Sandhiya Ramaswamy, MBA, CAS, PKS
Ayurveda, which literally means "The knowledge of Life and Longevity", is a 5,000-year old powerful natural healing science from India. Health as defined by Ayurveda is a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness - Health according to Ayurveda is not just the absence of illness or symptoms - it is a state of balance, radiance, joy, vitality and peaceful wellbeing. Ayurveda focuses on the whole person and seeks to correct the imbalances at the root cause of the disease, instead of focusing just on the symptoms, which is the Western medical paradigm. Another unique aspect of Ayurveda is that it views each and every one of us through the lens of our unique constitution or blueprint and the treatment plan is customized just for you - this is very different from the Western medical approach of 'one size fits all'. Ayurveda offers various tools to support the body and mind in its journey back to balance and health. Based one one's unique constitution and the nature of the imbalance, Ayurveda employs a (w)holistic and customized approach, offering dietary recommendations, medicinal herbs, yoga, meditation, breath-work (pranayama), aromatherapy, sound and color therapies, daily and seasonal lifestyle practices to bring us back into our state of balance.

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Holiday Party 2014!


The Holiday Season turns bright at Yoga Shakti's Annual Holiday Party!
Come kick off the season with your Yoga community.
Dance and enjoy the lively sounds of a drum circle.
Great music, great company plus drinks and lots of Holiday Cheer!

Bring your family and friends!

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10:30am - 1:30pm
Ignite the Fire Within

A Practice of 108 Classical Sun Salutes with Mantra, followed by Asana & Breath Meditation With Mariza Mendoza

The New Year signifies new beginnings. Add strength & energy to your New Year Goals by invoking the power of the sun within you!

In this workshop, you will experience how this special practice of Classical Sun Salutes with mantras and breath meditation can recharge your overall wellbeing, ignite the fire within and inspire you for the New Year ahead!

Developed centuries ago, Classical Sun Salutes were designed with a specific formula that strengthens the body while calming the mind. When practiced on a regular basis, Classical Sun Salutes invoke the POWER OF THE SUN within you and have the ability to keep your body vibrant, healthy and strong and at the same time, prepare you for spiritual awakening. The power of the Sun is associated with the brightness of the Spirit, with burning away impurities and dispelling darkness. In this workshop, the sun salutes will be taken to a deeper level. With the addition of mantra (sound formulas), energy center focus and breath, both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice will be strung together creating a Sutra Yoga Practice.
A Sutra Yoga style of Sun Salutations string together body, mind and soul with the healing forces of the sun.
Creating a very powerful practice with lasting effects! All levels welcome!

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$45 by 12/28/2014, $50 after

2pm - 5pm
Yang and Yin: Finding Balance in Your Practice

Whether your yoga practice is “Yoga 101” or an intense vinyasa-flow, it is not so much the style but how you practice that determines whether your experience on the mat is balanced. The simplest, most straight-forward poses can be made incredibly challenging, while the most dynamic flowing sequence can be experienced as effortless, depending on the intention and attention we bring to them.

In this workshop we will explore how to find balance within our practice, regardless of the style of yoga classes we attend. We start with a dynamic yang hip opening sequence, in which we will explore the possibilities of finding yin within yang. We will follow the intensity of the yang practice with a gentler yin sequence where we will learn to balance effort with ease. All levels of practitioners are welcome to attend. A basic understanding of Sun Salutations is recommended.

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$45 before October 29th, $50 after