Our unique approach to wellness combines the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda with contemporary body therapies to balance the complex human system from the grosser aspects of the body to the more subtle aspects of the mind, nervous system and emotions; generating true health — mentally, physically and emotionally. This comprehensive model to achieving optimal well-being leads us to that state the ancient yogis hailed as Svastha, or perfect balance and vibrant health through being established in our true Self.

Our wellness practitioners work together to create customized programs of body therapies, lifestyle, nutrition, herbal remedies and yoga to bring your particular body to balance through reducing stress, aligning the skeletal and muscular systems, increasing stamina, strength and immune function and helping to alleviate any health challenges.

We are dedicated to educating and empowering our clients with the tools and self-awareness to pro-actively create health, vitality and happiness in their lives on a daily basis.



A model for balanced living focused on the journey of understanding ourselves.

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Body Therapies

Whether you seek relaxation and rejuvenation, or deeper, more-focused work.

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Our holistic chiropractors primarily use non-invasive, neuromuscular techniques.

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