Yoga for Health

...perfect balance of mind, body and soul.

Our health is our greatest wealth and our greatest source of happiness.

Yoga was designed thousands of years ago as the most complete and effective system of cleansing, balancing and strengthening our body and mind.

The word for health in Sanskrit is Svasta. It means, 'to be established in oneself.' Thus, the true meaning of health is to be our true Self.

In the philosophy of yoga, our true self is happy, balanced and perfect, and a part of the everlasting, all-knowing universal force and spirit, Purusha. Any deviation from our perfectly balanced state is some form of dis-ease.

In our preoccupation with the physical body, we have come to understand health as strong immune system and a fit body. Psychologists will also define health as having a sound mind and balanced emotions. The Yogic understanding of health includes these and goes much deeper.

Health is a dynamic state of perfection acquired through dedicated practice and study. It is a state of wholeness, freedom and fulfillment.

Health, therefore, is not merely the lack of any illness and a strong body; it is a state of balance on the mental, physical and spiritual level.