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Wondering how to start a great yoga practice? We have something for everyone. Learn the fundamentals of yoga in classes that are designed just for you. The basics of alignment, breath and relaxation are taught. Students will feel confident in the core yoga principles.

Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are offered 7 days a week. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. Yoga mats provided. Stay healthy & focused with stress reducing yoga classes!

Perfect Classess for Beginners

These classes are designed to introduce the beginner to the tradition of yoga. Choose the perfect class for you and start feeling the benefits of a yoga practice today!

Gentle Yoga (Sign Up Now!)

This class is appropriate for students of every ability, age, and fitness level. Consisting of easy movements, long stretches and deep breathing, meant to calm and revitalize. Learn more...

Restorative Yoga (Sign Up Now!)

Restorative yoga uses props to relieve muscles and bones of their roles of support and action. The nervous system will send and receive fewer messages, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for balancing the body. By stimulating this system we can lower heart rate and blood pressure. The deep relaxation response elicited by restorative yoga also benefits internal organs and helps stimulate the immune and endocrine systems in healthy ways. When we experience stress or feel overwhelmed, it is the parasympathetic nervous system that restores balance. In Restorative yoga layers of tension melt away. This is conscious relaxation: learning to identify how and where we hold tension and release it. The class is deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages.

Level 1 (Sign Up Now!)

This is the perfect class for students who have never done yoga before or are fairly new to the practice of yoga. These classes move at a gentle pace so that students begin to understand the fundamental principles of breathing and yoga postures.

The Perfect Practice:

To gain the full benefits of a yoga practice, follow this simple rule; practice yoga 3 times per week. Give yourself the chance to improve both physical stamina as well as gaining a piece of mind. (Sense of calm, inner bliss)

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Package DescriptionPrices Registration
Single Class $19 Register Now
10 Class Series (180 day exp.) $179 Register Now
15 Class Series (180 day exp.) $229 Register Now
20 Class Series (180 day exp.) $289 Register Now
Monthly Unlimited (30 day exp.)$160 Register Now
Private Lessons Prices Registration
Single Private Lesson $85 Register Now
5 Private Lesson Series $400 Call Studio
Monthly Memberships Prices Registration
Platinum Membership (details) $129 / month Register Now
Gold Membership (details) $99 / month Register Now
Silver Membership (details) $79 / month Register Now
HB Budget (details) $89 / month Register Now
Shakti Meditation Unlimited *NEW* (details) $89 / month Register Now

Note: All class series and memberships can be used at both Yoga Shakti locations. No refunds will be issued. Read full policies.


New clients on 1st visit only: 10% off class series, mat and mat bag. Full time students and seniors (65yrs and over) on 1st visit only: 20% off class series, 10% off mat and mat bag; 10% off future class series. Must show valid ID/School ID at time of purchase.

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