Private Instruction

A personal journey

April has been dealing with a challenging and painful chronic nerve condition in her right foot for 6-and-a-half years. She's undergone numerous — and continuous — physical therapy sessions, doctor visits and an array of pain medication. Prior to private instruction from Yoga Shakti, April walked with a cane and had a very difficult time keeping balance without falling. Thanks to Yoga Shakti's skilled teachers and April's dedication and commitment to her practice, she has experienced phenomenal benefits, including overall health improvements, weight loss, and increased strength and balance.

"I've been amazed with the results that private instruction from Yoga Shakti has helped me to achieve. The private lessons allow me to physically learn yoga poses and to adjust the poses so I can accomplish them without pain. I walked with a cane for 6-and-a-half years due to my injury but after my first private lesson with Diana, I was able to learn how breathing can affect my ability to balance and increase my strength; I was literally able to carry my cane out with me after my first yoga lesson! Ever since that first day in Dec '06, I've walked without a cane, using the techniques on breathing, and working with the poses (which help by engaging your abs), and the spiritual and meditative focus." April, Private Instruction Client - May 2007

One-on-one sessions with our experienced instructors are an excellent way for beginners to develop a solid yoga practice, or for experienced practitioners to delve into the subtleties of yoga.

Private instruction is the way yoga was meant to be taught.

New to Yoga

For students who are new to yoga, private lessons are the best way to set a solid foundation for your practice of yoga. Even a few private lessons can prepare you to join group classes and to practice safely and with confidence.

  • Learn how to practice the poses properly by understanding the structure and purpose of each pose
  • Learn the proper yogic breathing to get the most benefits out of your practice
  • Understand your body and learn what yoga poses would be best suited for you to strengthen your body and increase flexibility
  • Get help with healing from injuries and preventing future injuries
  • Gain all the benefits of a customized yoga practice that can
  • Understand how to modify poses in group classes for special conditions or existing injuries

Experienced practitioners

For experienced students, private lessons are a highly effective way to take your practice to the next level. Through private or semi-private instruction with our highly qualified teachers you can quickly progress in your yoga practice and learn poses you find challenging.

  • Get help achieving poses you find challenging
  • Learn how to build the strength and flexibility to deepen your practice

Pricing & Considerations

If you have a serious muscle, joint or back injury or condition we highly recommend seeing our holistic chiropractor to assess the proper treatment plan for you.

Private lesson: $85
Private lesson packages: 5 Private lessons: $400

Semi-privates: For semi private classes, the first person is regular price; each additional person is at a 50% discount.