We select our teachers for their depth of practice, the extent of training, and their experience. Our teachers are dedicated to the lifestyle of yoga and will inspire you to be a healthier, calmer and happier person.

Many of our teachers have been trained through Yoga Shakti's extensive Teacher Training and Advanced Yoga Studies course, internship and mentoring programs, and in-depth study and guided practice training classes in yoga philosophy and lifestyle. They are taught to live in yoga with passion and teach with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga.

Michelle Nelson

Valerie Fowler

Joy Millea

Brynn Rybacek

Andrea Rasla

Louise With-Seidelin

Kelly Angeley

Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Samantha Guiterrez

Sam Gould

Alison Zimmer

Lisbeth Fritz

Alysha Floyd

Morgan Mekertichian

Jessica Bolton

Sourannha Chaarani

Diana Pipaloff, Director

Jnana Nanda Bharati

Mariza Mendoza

Rae Bright

Ashlee Goite

Nandini Narayanan

Derynne Fuhrer

Chantelle Honaker

Kristin Geiger

Laura Peters

Amy Brummett

Molly Deneher

Arya Nanda

Anne-Tyler Harshbarger

Kathie Nichols

Christopher Tilley