5 Daily Ayurvedic Practices to Improve Your Health


  1. 1. Use a tongue scraper (available in the boutique) to clean your tongue every morning before you brush your teeth. There are many benefits of this practice including better smelling breath and better digestion. P.S. If you notice a thick coating on your tongue, it indicates a build-up of toxins (ama). You would benefit from an Ayurvedic consultation and program.

2. Massage your whole body daily with Yoga Shakti’s signature Ayurvedic body oils. Not only does your skin become smooth and soft, your nervous system will be soothed. You can choose one of our organic, custom made Ayurvedic oils.

Pitta- For sensitive skin; effect is calming & cooling; also great for sun burns and general heat conditions.

Vata- For dry skin; effect is warming, soothing & deeply moisturizing ; can help you calm the nervous system and improve sleep.

Kapha- Designed to warm & energize, this oil is great for cold, rainy days or if you’re feeling lethargic.

3. Drink all beverages at room temperature or warmer. Iced drinks decrease the efficiency of your digestive system. This simple practice alone can have a significant effect on your digestion.

4. Drink 2 large glasses of water when you wake up (before you have anything else). This creates a “flush” to assist your body in the elimination of the wastes it has processed during your sleep. Best to have room temperature or warm water; you can also add a little lemon or lime.

5. Make lunch the largest/heaviest meal of the day. This is the time that your digestion is strongest and most able to process a large meal.

Try incorporating these easy and simple practices into your daily routines and experience some the many benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle!

To discover more of the ways you can benefit from Ayurveda, attend one of our free information sessions. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners and embark on a program that will change your life.