Ayurveda & Yogic Lifestyle

Make the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body with Ayurveda. Learn how to strengthen your body, mind
and immune system. Also learn simple and easy ways to decrease unhealthy habits and create healthy ones.
You will discover daily practices that will dramatically improve your health, simply and naturally.

This course is designed as a thorough foundation of the principles of Ayurveda, the yogic diet and lifestyle and the practical tools to achieve health and balance. Students will learn about the three Ayurvedic doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and gain valuable tools to balance their own unique constitution (body type) in simple and natural ways by establishing lifestyle, yogic and food routines and practices which are best suited to them. By the completion of the course, students will have both the philosophical understanding and practical tools to proactively create health, enhance their immune system, make intelligent food and lifestyle choices and replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

Registered Yoga Teachers-this event qualifies for 12 hrs of continuing education credit through Yoga Alliance.

6/29 & 6/30/19 from 10am-4pm, Irvine | $125 by 6/26/2019, $150 after.