Spring Camp 2020

A Young Yogi’s, “yuva yogi’s” Study of Healthy Living through Yoga & Mindfulness

(Ages 10 – 17 years old)

This youth yoga camp will provide didactic and experiential foundational practices in yoga and mindfulness to promote healthy living in teens and tweens. The course will use yoga philosophy and mindfulness tools to embody, explore and experience well-being for every young yogi from the inside out.

The course will aim to inspire and transform anxiety to peace, depression to devotion to life, self-absorption to compassionate community, self-criticism of inadequacy and perfectionism to self-compassion of being enough and worthy, and the inherent value of this precious unique human life.

Understanding the Brain’s Role in Healthy Living through:

Yoga & Mindfulness

Nervous System Basics: Understanding the Stress & Relaxation Responses

What is Yoga & Mindfulness and how do these Practices Help Me?

What is Self-Compassion & Why We Practice It?

Nature of Life: Understanding the Natural Rhythms of our Body-Mind

The Science of a Happy & Healthy Life

Monday, March 30-Friday, April 3, 2020

1:00-4:00pm in Irvine | $199 before 3/25/20, $225 After