Andrea Orrego


Andrea was first introduced to Yoga when she was 11 years old. She noticed that the breathing and movement helped to calm her mind.

She began a consistent asana practice in 2009. Since then, her physical practice has evolved. She has learned to be in the moment during her practices and she is now able to seek that presence outside of her yoga mat. With the beloved guidance of her teachers she truly and wholeheartedly believes that if you “practice, all is coming.”

Andrea has a degree in Molecular Biology and she connects what she learns from Yoga to what she understands and continues to study from science. She strongly believes in her students and their ability to achieve all that they set their minds and hearts to…through practice. She strives to remain present for her students and facilitates an environment where students can tune in to themselves. Andrea trusts that yoga will aid students in becoming independent and strong minded in order to lead a joyful life.

Andrea’s Classes

RYT 200