Ashlee Goite

Ashlee was introduced to yoga when her first “real” job drove her to seek physical and mental relief from being desk-bound for the first time. Her first class was an Ashtanga class with Dawn Yager in Myrtle Beach, and she never looked back. In yoga, she found a physical release for her energy, and the centering effects of this moving meditation improved her relationships with herself and her loved ones. She knew she needed to share. From the beginning of her yogic studies, Ashlee has endeavored to live her life according to ahimsa—non-violence. She practices yoga daily, on and off the mat, incorporating awareness, compassion and love whenever possible into every interaction, believing these qualities are our keys to evolving into better human beings. She continues to learn and practice in order to share with others, honoring the styles and methods she has studied.

With the encouragement from her first teacher, Ashlee earned her 200hr certification with a strict focus on Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri Patthabi Jois, from whom she learned that yoga is “99% practice and 1% theory.” She continued her yoga studies, and is honored to have received her 500hr certification from Sri Dharma Mittra, who taught her how to live the life of a yogi. Most recently, she completed the weeklong “Yoga, Purpose and Action Leadership Intensive” with Off the Mat Into the World founders, Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling. There, she dug deeper into the mind-body connection and how the body holds and reveals all experiences. She is grateful to all teachers past, present and future.

Ashlee strives to increase her students’ focus and sense of calm through attention to breath and physical experience, keeping ahimsa at the forefront of the practice, (as well as a sense of play!). She encourages all students to be beginners, to take one step at a time and enjoy the adventure of discovering something that can teach us so much about ourselves and the space we occupy in the world.

Ashlee’s Classes
RYT 200, E-RYT 500