Nandini Narayanan

Nandini’s Yoga home is Yoga Shakti where she feels most whole, of sound body-mind, on solid ground-for this she remains grateful to have received the guidance, mentorship and confidence to be a Yoga teacher, from her teacher Diana Pipaloff and mentor Valerie Fowler. She has been firmly rooted in the field of psychological, spiritual and physical health as a licensed clinical social worker trained in medical social work for the past twenty years. In fact, Social Work, Mind-Body Medicine, Yoga philosophy and Mindfulness practices have been intricately interwoven together in her approach to helping her patients, clients and students. Yoga has been part of her life since childhood when she attended her first Yoga class as a child in Bangalore, India with her mother and sister, practicing poses on the cool cement floors.

Yoga’s principle teaching of integration is Nandini’s guiding force in her role as an integrative healthcare provider whether in a yoga class, workshop, classes for healthcare providers and patients, or a counseling session. She knows personally that integration has made her a more balanced person and healthcare practitioner, and also an empowered and resilient mother to her son born with extreme prematurity as a “micro-preemie” with a 50% chance of survival. The skills she taught her patients have been earnestly practiced and put to the test in her own life to sustain, enhance and affirm life and health even in the face of death or impermanence. She dedicates and credits her son for her inspiration to teach Yoga today.

With a foundation of 14 years of dance tutelage from her esteemed teacher Ramya Harishankar in the South Indian classical dance form-Bharatanatyam, that shares similar discipline, movements and postures to Yoga asanas, Nandini innovates by combining Yoga asana and classical Indian dance movements in workshops. Yoga and Bharatanatyam have provided Nandini with roots to her rich Indian heritage and continue to be valuable conduits to keep the next generation of young people connected to ancient wisdom practices. With a seeker’s heart she is committed to being a life long student of Yoga and life! Her current favorite Yoga Sutra is 1.12: “Mastery of oneself (one’s mind), comes from addition of two essential elements-Abhyasa or regular, consistent practice and Vairagya or detachment from outcomes.” From a teacher’s heart she is profoundly grateful and honored to share Yoga’s gifts with her students, clients and fellow-caregivers in healthcare. From a mother’s heart she is joyful to share and grow the Yoga Shakti family circle to one of a close, beloved community of belonging and connection.

Nandini’s Classes
RYT 200, RYT 500, C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, "Itsy-Bitsy Yoga"