Tara Chander

Tara’s yoga journey began at age 12 as she sought simple answers to life’s basic questions. Her spiritual search, travels and studies around the world led her to the Masters of the Himalayas and the sacred rainforests of India. An educator by profession,Tara has practiced yoga and meditation as a way of life.   She has formally studied Gentle Yogic Movement, Pranayama and Meditation in a 200 hour program in Bangalore, India and recently completed Yoga Shakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training Course. Mother Nature has been one of Tara’s greatest inspirations; Nature’s natural laws of harmony, balance, interdependence and synchronization clearly reflect the natural effects and healing power of yogaRemaining true to her path and following her heart, Tara hopes to inspire and support others in finding their Truest Self and Deepest Happiness through yoga.

“The heart is an unerring compass within each of us. The only path that is right is right for each of us is the one that is already designed within us. To find this path, we have to hear our own heart. The deeper part of us will begin to whisper the truth. So, listen to your heart. This is where your Light resides – your Truth.”  – Emmanuel’s Book

Tara’s Classes

RYT 200