Ursula Pascua

As a lifelong runner Ursula first turned to Yoga in 2009 to heal injuries and stay in shape. She enrolled in Yoga Shakti Teacher Training during a time when she was seeking more for her spiritual life. Learning about Philosophy opened up her eyes to the depth of Yoga outside of the physical benefits. Developing a daily meditation practice helped her focus. She began to look inward for the answers she had been searching for, and a shift occurred. She wanted to share this same feeling with others. She worked with her mentor Andrea Rasla to develop her teaching style, as invigorating Vinyasa flow. Grateful to experience the benefits of Yoga outside of just the teachings, but by a daily physical practice she loves guiding others to discover this for themselves. What she first thought of as a workout ultimately became a mind, body and soul practice that helped in all areas of her life. Her favorite Yoga pose is currently a tripod headstand. When not doing Yoga you can find her traveling, reading, writing, anything fitness, the beach, playing board games, trying new food, dancing or hanging out with her family.

Ursula’s Classes
RYT 200