Teacher Training & Advanced Yoga Studies
Evolve. Inspire. Connect.

Unsurpassed Teacher Training & Advanced Yoga Studies Programs Rooted in the Authentic Tradition of Yoga

Immerse yourself in the practice and philosophy of yoga. Gain a deeper connection to yourself and discover your Inner Shakti. Inspire others by sharing your passion. Learn key aspects of the yoga practice – structure of poses, injury prevention and modifications, yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology for yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Pranayama, Vedic Studies, Art of teaching & sequencing, business of yoga, verbal & hands on adjustments, workshops & private lesson development. Learn to truly connect to your body, breath & mind and practice yoga from the inside out.

Training Programs

Yoga Shakti’s Yoga Teacher Training Program and Advanced Yoga Studies are intended for yoga practitioners who seek an understanding and internal experience of the traditional and authentic aspects of yoga. From the philosophy, practices and underlying concepts of yoga to the history of the ancient Vedic and yogic culture, the course has been designed to help students develop not just into well-rounded yoga teachers, but internally balanced human beings. Through a process of self-discovery, students learn to incorporate the subtleties of the yogic teachings into their daily lives, enabling them to build inner strength and experience glimpses of the self-realization that is the true gift of yoga. Yoga Shakti’s community-oriented and supportive environment establishes a solid foundation upon which the internal yogic journey can flourish.

Our training is divided into two programs – foundational and advanced. Completion of both will allow graduates to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 Hour level. By the completion of these courses, graduates will not only have learned about yoga but have become better yogis: human beings capable of being balanced, happy, free and accomplished. Graduates will also have access to further study tools, mentoring, and assistant teaching opportunities to hone their skills as instructors. The curriculum’s emphasis on experiential education and practical application, rather than memorization of information, ensures that graduates are as prepared for a successful teaching career as they are for a successful yogic life.

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program provides a solid foundation in the structure and practice of poses and prepares the student to teach. Over the course of the six months, 200 Hour program we build on this foundation and delve deeper into more advanced class sequencing, workshop development, and further study of the anatomy and physiology of yoga. We also explore the more subtle teachings of yoga with Sanskrit, chants and mantras, and pranayama. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS…

The 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training program offers an additional 300 hours of training designed for further your study after the graduation of 200-hour program. This training allows teachers to develop their creativity and intuition in the teaching process as well as further their knowledge of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. The goal of the training is to facilitate the development of exceptional yoga teachers capable of applying their wealth of knowledge of the physical, theoretical and experiential aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Yoga to effortlessly and confidently take students into the journey of their practice. Through the invaluable yoga teacher training of the internal practices of yoga, pranayama and meditation, you will have the tools to grow as a yogi and the training to share that amazing journey and inspire others. Special guest teacher, Master Yogi Jnana Nanda Bharati, will join us for specific aspects of the training and transport us to experience yoga as the ancient seers intended. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS…

This course has been designed to provide yoga teachers with in-depth practices, concepts and other traditional and authentic yoga teachings to be able to support a pregnant woman both physically and emotionally throughout her pregnancy. Teachers will be able to empower pregnant students with the skills of mindfulness, endurance and adaptability, and to offer a supportive environment of a community of other pregnant mothers.

The demand for professionally trained prenatal yoga teachers is on the rise, as health professionals and childbirth educators continue to recognize and experience how the prenatal yoga practice contributes to the well-being of pregnant women. This training creates an opportunity for teachers to become a bigger part of this movement and provides the tools to ease and empower women going through their most incredible and transformative journey – the first stage of motherhood. As a prenatal yoga teacher, you will experience the rewards of your invaluable guidance for moms-to-be as they connect to their deep inner wisdom and intuition. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS…

The Post-Graduate Mentorship Program is designed to provide the 200 hour Teacher Training graduates further experience in teaching and designing classes through the guidance of one of our senior teachers who is specially trained as a mentor.

Through feedback and direction, they will help to improve your teaching skills and gain invaluable real class teaching experience. This 6 week program is an important bridge from the safety and comfort of teaching peers during the teacher training program to teaching to the public. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS…