Meet Your Teacher Training Teachers

The teachers for the Yoga Shakti Teacher Training Programs are exceptional yogis who have a deep understanding and personal experience of the traditional and authentic aspects of yoga, including not such the yoga asana, but yoga philosophy, pranayama, mantra, yogic lifestyle and meditation as well. They have all intensely studied and practiced both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga under the guidance of Master Yogi, Jnana Nanda Bharati, and have completed advanced 500 hour Training Programs (with Yoga Shakti), as well as, many hours of additional training. They are highly accomplished in their own yoga practice and have a deep understanding of the structural knowledge of asanas, class sequencing and development, the art of teaching and how to systematically train our teacher trainees to become exceptional yoga teachers and authentic yogis. With decades of teaching and practice experience, our teachers live their yoga on and off the mat and have been successful in their yoga careers. Our Teachers are dedicated to sharing their vast yoga experience and inspiring students to delve into their journey of self-discovery with the vast science and art of yoga.

  • Andrea Rasla

    Andrea started practicing Iyengar yoga in 2002 as a way to calm the mind and gain personal balance while working in a stressful corporate environment. She continued her steady practice and began to feel yoga’s physical benefits as well as its calming effects on her mind. As her children grew, Andrea dedicated more time to deepening her yoga practice. She started to feel an increasing drive to share the yoga... read more
  • Diana Pipaloff

    Diana began practicing yoga in 1994 with a desire to gain a spiritual practice. The thirst for the spiritual runs in her veins as she comes from a family of yoga practitioners; in 1850 her great grandfather practiced yoga in Eastern Europe. Her father had a very disciplined practice at the age of 15. Her mother also practiced and introduced her to yoga while Diana was still in her teens. Prior to discovering yoga Diana was... read more
  • Valerie Fowler

    Valerie Fowler is certified at the E-RYT 500 level through Yoga Alliance, with more than 4,000 hours of classroom teaching experience. She completed both her foundational 200-hour and advanced 300-hour trainings at Yoga Shakti with Diana Pipaloff. She started practicing yoga asana in 2002, and a short time later met her teacher, Jnana Nanda Bharati, whose unbroken spiritual lineage is more than 5,000 years... read more