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9 Special Immersions Into Yoga & its Philosophy


Welcome the light & energy of a new season this Summer Solstice 2020, and join us for an inspirational series of studying the deeper gems of yoga beyond asana. Yoga Shakti teachers will share powerful yoga teachings that have helped them sustain calm, balance, hope and connection directly from their lived experience and practice of yoga. Each session, like a unique gem, will reveal a deeper brilliance, insight and wisdom of yoga from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the ancient text of yoga philosophy. In each hour long workshop, you will experience asana, pranayama, meditation and study of yoga philosophy based on one or more of the stanzas of the Yoga Sutra to energize and catalyze dynamic balance and well being in your body, mind and spirit.

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6/21 with Nandini Narayanan

The first yoga gem will explore the divine inner abodes a yogi cultivates of friendship, compassion, joy and equanimity that generate an outer splendor of a beloved community in our world. Sign Up Now


6/28 with Ursula Pascua

The second gem will establish the beauty and strength gained from awareness of the body through yoga posture with the wisdom of balanced effort. Sign Up Now


7/5 with Morgan Mekertichian

The third yoga gem invites understanding of the subtler aspects of the practice essential to inner peace – attention, concentration and mediation. Sign Up Now


7/12 with Samantha Gutierrez

The fourth yoga gem is the Yoga Sutra’s reminder of the value of practice. Get inspired to maintain consistency and enjoy the journey. Sign Up Now


7/19 with Linda Turner

The fifth yoga gem touches on the yogi’s central focus, which is the breath and the powerful embodied wisdom gained from attention to breath. Sign Up Now


7/26 with Dana Hermocillo

The sixth yoga gem delved into the vital role the five senses play in creating balance, peace, restoration and ease both within our bodies and in relationship to nature and the world around us. Sign Up Now


8/2 with Andrea Rasla

The seventh yoga gem opens the yogi to the reservoir of peace that is available through immersing oneself in the ocean of a contented & grateful heart. Sign Up Now


8/9 with Kristi Cox

The eight yoga gem reminds us of the disciplined internal resolve to persevere & stay with our practice even when it is challenging , in order to transform ourselves. Sign Up Now


8/16 with Diana Pipaloff

The ninth yoga gem will delve into the concept of Kaivalyam, or ultimate freedom and the end goal of yoga. We will explore how to cultivate a state of freedom within that is not dependent on outside circumstances. Sign Up Now