Kids Yoga (Ages 5-10)

Kids yoga is an excellent way to build physical, mental, and social strength in your young child. Studies have shown that yoga is a fun way for kids to build fine and gross motor skills, proprioceptive awareness, and emotional grit. These classes are full of fun songs, active games, and lots of laughter and play. We use scientifically-backed, play-based strategies to help kids have fun while they get moving.

Tween Yoga (Ages 11+)

Tween Yoga is incredibly beneficial for kids as they enter adolescence. Our classes offer a constructive, non-competitive environment for kids to build physical and emotional strength. Through challenging poses and deep relaxation, tweens learn how to appropriately push themselves, persevere failure, and build a strong mind-body connection.

About the Teacher:
Yoga Shakti’s Youth Yoga Instructor, Gennavie Johnson, is exceptionally qualified. She has worked with children and teens for 10+ years and has been teaching yoga for 4+ years. In college, she studied Child Development and Psychology which greatly influenced her desire to bring her two passions of youth and yoga together. Genna believes that yoga is an important key to helping our children persevere through life’s challenges.