Corporate Yoga & Wellness Programs

Bringing Yoga Shakti’s Yoga & Wellness programs to your employees is an effective, affordable & proactive way to increase their health, happiness & productivity. It’s a simple yet profound tool for overall wellness regardless of age or fitness level. Employees will gain many benefits including stress reduction, increased focus, stronger immune system (leading to reduced sick leave), increased flexibility, better posture, relief from minor aches and pains caused by repetitive motion, improper posture and sitting for long periods during the workday.

With a consistent weekly yoga program companies can reduce the likelihood of common employee maladies like back & neck pain, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injuries, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, poor concentration, headaches, poor posture, low energy, and chronic illness.

On a mental level, a regular yoga practice will improve clarity, concentration, and capacity to handle stress, as well as, the ability to work well with others and solve problems.

We Offer Customized Yoga & Wellness Programs to Perfectly Fit Your Company’s Needs

Classes Offered

(Classes range from beginning to advanced)

What Is Needed To Host On-Site Classes

All that is needed is a clean, open space such as a board room, cafeteria, or lounge. We will offer discounts on yoga mats and can bring some to the classes for convenient purchase. If you currently offer a corporate wellness program, our classes can be easily integrated into it; just call to discuss how we can help add yoga to your existing menu of fitness choices. On-site yoga allows workers to go from desk to mat without becoming diverted or distracted once they exit the office doors. Best times for classes tend to be lunch time and after work.

Do Classes Have To Be Held At Our Facility

If you do not have facilities conducive to yoga classes, Yoga Shakti has studios in Huntington Beach and Irvine, with a full menu of classes available at both locations. Our Self-Select Program allows individual employees to attend the classes they want (at either studio), according to their own schedule. This program offers special monthly and annual rates to participating corporations. We also offer Custom Classes (held in the early morning or at lunchtime) tailored expressly for your employees and held at our studio.

Do You Teach Hot Yoga/Do Employees Need To Change/Shower

No, we do not teach in a heated room. Corporate classes are designed with corporate decorum in mind, so that employees can practice then continue their day without needing a shower (unless a more rigorous practice is requested). Usually a change of clothes will be sufficient.

Is Yoga Experience Necessary

Experience is not necessary, in fact, we welcome beginners. We will specially design classes for your needs and can cater to any level of experience. We also have a variety of other class styles that range in intensity for those who want a more rigorous practice. All our classes dedicate some time to pranayama (breathing) to teach students the relationship between proper breathing and a calm mind. They can then employ this simple but powerful tool at any time throughout their work day to reduce stress and increase focus.


Some employers choose to offer corporate yoga as a fully paid benefit, while others have elected to pay a portion and share the remaining cost with employees. Prices vary depending on the frequency, location, and size of classes. We will work with you to create the perfect, customized plan for your company.