Shakti Teaching Team

Our teachers are hand-picked for their depth of practice, extent of training and passion for the authentic practice of yoga. At every level of physical intensity (from gentle to advanced) our classes infuse the subtle and internal practices of yoga, allowing us to connect to our body and calm our mind. Dedicated to the lifestyle of yoga, our teachers will inspire you to be a healthier, more vibrant, calmer, and happier person. Come practice with us and let us inspire you to let your inner Shakti shine.

  • Alison Zimmer

    Alison Zimmer is a Yoga Shakti 500 hour certified yoga instructor who grew up in Huntington Beach, CA. She took her first yoga class in 2008 at California State University Long Beach because she needed one more unit to graduate from college. Yoga provided Alison with the right amount of effort and ease; she was challenged in a whole new way and hooked from the... read more
  • Alysha Floyd

    Alysha Floyd is a Yoga Shakti 200 hour certified Yoga Instructor. She began practicing Yoga in 2011 after recovering from 2 extensive knee surgeries. She began her practice in Gentle and Restorative Yoga to try and regain strength and flexibility in her knee. Yoga completely changed Alysha’s life as she experienced the many benefits of having a consistent practice. Realizing she wanted to teach and share the benefits of Yoga with others, Alysha enrolled in the Yoga Shakti 200 HR... read more
  • Amber Nuetzel

    Amber was first introduced to the physical practice of yoga when taking belly dance classes nearly 5 years ago. She quickly found that she wished the yoga portion of the class was more than just a warm up and cool down and decided it was time to explore yoga on its own. After exploring several local studios, Amber found a home at Yoga Shakti. Under the guidance of the experienced teachers at Yoga Shakti, she developed a consistent asana practice. Excited with the changes she... read more
  • Andrea Rasla

    Andrea started practicing Iyengar yoga in 2002 as a way to calm the mind and gain personal balance while working in a stressful corporate environment. She continued her steady practice and began to feel yoga’s physical benefits as well as its calming effects on her mind. As her children grew, Andrea dedicated more time to deepening her yoga practice. She started to feel an increasing drive to share the yoga... read more
  • Ashlee Goite

    Ashlee was introduced to yoga when her first “real” job drove her to seek physical and mental relief from being desk-bound for the first time. Her first class was an Ashtanga class with Dawn Yager in Myrtle Beach, and she never looked back. In yoga, she found a physical release for her energy, and the centering effects of this moving meditation improved her relationships with herself and her loved ones.... read more
  • Brynn Rybacek Yniguez

    As a yoga instructor, I feel that my role is to inspire students to move and live in a more mindful and intentional way. My teaching style is influenced by over two decades of studying with master yoga and meditation teachers from a variety of traditions including but not limited to Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Viniyoga, Yin, Restorative, Shadow, Power, Bhakti, and Insight Meditation. My teaching is also... read more
  • Camille Aragon

    Camille Aragon is a student and teacher of yoga who fell in love with the practice as a stressed out grad student at Harvard. In 2009 she completed her 200-hour interdisciplinary yoga teacher training from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. In 2010 she went on to serve for two years in the Peace Corps, during which she developed her daily Ashtanga self-practice based on the primary series. After returning to the states, she went on to explore yoga therapy, energy healing,... read more
  • Claudia Hegberg

    Claudia has been practicing Hatha yoga for 20+ years. She is a 200hr Teacher Training graduate from Yoga Shakti and is currently completing Yoga Shakti's 500hr Advanced Teacher Training program. Claudia's teaching style is intuitive in that she feels her way energetically through each class. Join her and experience a class that is playful, robust, and rewarding! [hc-hmw... read more
  • Dana Hermocillo

    Dana began practicing yoga during 2010 to bring calm and ease to her mind during her hectic college days. After retuning home and practicing at Yoga Shakti for a few years, she knew she wanted to share this practice with others. Dana completed the 200-hour foundational training at Yoga Shakti, and is currently enrolled in the 300-hour advanced training. In her own practice, she likes to challenge her body in new ways, increasing her knowledge of advanced poses to... read more
  • Diana Pipaloff

    Diana began practicing yoga in 1994 with a desire to gain a spiritual practice. The thirst for the spiritual runs in her veins as she comes from a family of yoga practitioners; in 1850 her great grandfather practiced yoga in Eastern Europe. Her father had a very disciplined practice at the age of 15. Her mother also practiced and introduced her to yoga while Diana was still in her teens. Prior to discovering yoga Diana was... read more
  • Eliana Moreira

    Brazilian-born Eliana Moreira (Lana), was born dancing! The night of her birth, her mother had been out dancing in São Paulo to the rhythms of samba. For 22 years, Lana has studied and taught a fusion of styles & elements of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and Pilates. She even apprenticed in Iyengar yoga therapeutics for a short while. She resonates most deeply with Krishnamacharya, TKV Desikachar, Ram Dass, Pema Chodron, Donald Moyer, Judith Lasater, Sally Kempton, Vanda Scaravelli, Maty Ezraty, Donna Farhi, and Angela Farmer. She is passionate about movement,... read more
  • Gennavie Johnson

    Gennavie Johnson is a RYT 200hr Yoga Shakti graduate and a Children's Yoga Instructor. Searching for balance after moving to California from Idaho, Genna soon found Yoga. When she started practicing yoga, she fell in love with the challenging yet relaxing nature and immediately wanted to share that joy with others. Genna believes Yoga should be fun, inviting, and invigorating. Teaching youth how to listen to their inner mind and body while having fun at the same time... read more
  • Jacinthe Mitchell

    Jacinthe Mitchell Jacinthe Mitchell has been practicing yoga for seven years and has completed the challenging Fourth Series in Ashtanga and is now learning the Fifth Series. Jacinthe was hooked with her first yoga class and became a dedicated Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow practitioner ever since. She has a great love for her students and is always working hard to keep them challenged while having fun! Jacinthe is known for her warm and approachable style of teaching that... read more
  • Jonah Montes

    I started teaching Yoga in 2015 because I realized there is so much more to the practice than just the physical benefits: there is healing and growth. As a teacher, I hope to share the healing aspect of yoga to anyone who is in need of it. I love teaching Yoga because I not only get to contribute to a student’s yoga journey as a guide but also as a witness to the growth and progression they experience through their practice. My teaching style is gentle Yin-inspired... read more
  • Joy Millea

    Joy first tried yoga in 1999 as a means to stay physically fit during her first pregnancy, but didn’t begin a steady practice until Yoga Shakti opened their first studio doors in 2002. It was her curiosity about the philosophy seated in the ancient practice that drew her in the second time. Having been on a spiritual quest for some years, Joy found inspiration in the pages of the Bhagavad Gita and a home to study the sacred... read more
  • Kelly Angeley

    Kelly Angeley has a background in marine biology, fine art and art history. She received her BA from Western Washington University, with a focus in painting and a minor in art history. She runs a successful jewelry business and has also taught beadweaving classes across the country. Kelly authored her first beadweaving book in 2012, which was a best seller craft book on Amazon. Kelly First discovered yoga in 1999 when her best friend... read more
  • Laura Peters

    Laura began practicing yoga on and off many years ago as a means of restoring her health and finding reconnection with herself. When she began taking classes at Yoga Shakti in 2013, she not only began to deepen her practice and her appreciation for yoga, but was also inspired to take it to the next level. Laura is a graduate of Yoga Shakti’s 500 RYT and RPYS Prenatal Teacher Training program. Laura’s goal through... read more
  • Linda Turner

    Yoga classes Huntington Beach - Yoga Shakti
    In 2007, Linda began practicing yoga as a way of relieving constant stress and tension in her neck, shoulders and back caused by being a Dental Hygienist for over 20 years. She felt amazing relief in her body after several classes. What surprised her most was how calm and peaceful her mind felt after class. From that point on, she became a dedicated and life long yoga practitioner. Inspired by her family, Linda completed her 200, 300 and Prenatal teacher training at Yoga... read more
  • Melissa Liu

    Serendipitously, Melissa walked into a yoga studio and took a class on a whim while meandering aimlessly around downtown Huntington Beach in her late teens. After several years, Melissa felt the need to deepen her practice. She earned a 200-hour teacher training certificate from Yoga Shakti under the tutelage of Diana Pipaloff in 2008. Historically, Melissa’s yoga practice moves cyclically with two other spheres: academics and aerial acrobatics. One is mentally challenging,... read more
  • Nandini Narayanan

    Nandini’s Yoga home is Yoga Shakti where she feels most whole, of sound body-mind, on solid ground-for this she remains grateful to have received the guidance, mentorship and confidence to be a Yoga teacher, from her teacher Diana Pipaloff and mentor Valerie Fowler. She has been firmly rooted in the field of psychological, spiritual and physical health as a licensed clinical social worker trained in medical... read more
  • Pedro Goite

    Yoga has changed my life. It has brought me to greater physical awareness and health. It has helped me to relieve stress from work pressures and improved my concentration. I hope to share this experience with others, to help them receive the benefits from yoga that I have. I was born in Caracas Venezuela, where I was always physically active, playing soccer and baseball as a kid. I have continued to be... read more
  • Samantha Gutierrez

    Samantha first discovered yoga in 2008 in her search for a healthy physical activity. During the next few years she pursued her degree in Psychology at CSULB, where yoga’s calming effects provided clarity and comfort in times of stress as a working student. As she began to practice yoga more regularly, positive changes in her behavior started to unfold. She was slower to react and found herself... read more
  • Suzanne Yeo

    Suzanne Yeo is an HB local who has been teaching athletic/vinyasa flow classes since 2000, and group fitness since 1981. She has blended the two disciplines to create multi-layered classes, with the goal of having something for everyone within each sequence. She received her B.S. in Physical Education from Cal Poly SLO and has been through numerous trainings over the years for fitness and yoga. This, along with her background in sports, fitness and being a 5 year breast cancer survivor has shaped the way she teaches. She understands what it is to feel strong and invincible in a... read more
  • Ursula Pascua

    As a lifelong runner Ursula first turned to Yoga in 2009 to heal injuries and stay in shape. She enrolled in Yoga Shakti Teacher Training during a time when she was seeking more for her spiritual life. Learning about Philosophy opened up her eyes to the depth of Yoga outside of the physical benefits. Developing a daily meditation practice helped her focus. She began to look inward for the answers she had been searching for, and a shift occurred. She wanted to share this same feeling with others. She worked with her mentor Andrea Rasla to develop her teaching style, as invigorating Vinyasa... read more
  • Valerie Fowler

    Valerie Fowler is certified at the E-RYT 500 level through Yoga Alliance, with more than 4,000 hours of classroom teaching experience. She completed both her foundational 200-hour and advanced 300-hour trainings at Yoga Shakti with Diana Pipaloff. She started practicing yoga asana in 2002, and a short time later met her teacher, Jnana Nanda Bharati, whose unbroken spiritual lineage is more than 5,000 years... read more